• How do I sign up?

    Click ‘Log In” on the top right-hand corner of the iloakademi.org main page. Click on the new account tab to create an account by filling in the required information. You can use the username and password you created to access the site from a telephone, tablet or computer.

  • Who can register?

    Training programmes appeal to a wide target audience, particularly ILO’s relevant social partners representing the State, employers and workers, and the youth. We have training programmes that are only available to specific groups as well as training programmes that are publicly available. You can see the list of publicly available training programmes that you can access by registering to ILO Akademi from our Training Programmes list.

  • Are trainings free?

    All training programmes offered through ILO Akademi are free of charge. If a fee is requested for accessing training programmes, please contact us immediately at info@iloakademi.org.

  • Who can receive a certificate of completion?

    Each training programme has own success criteria. If you complete the training you interested in accordance with the relevant criteria, you will be entitled to receive a certificate of completion. Your certificate of completion will be provided to you digitally.

  • If I pause a training session, can I resume when I log into my account later?

    Yes, you can.

  • Will I still have access to a training programme completed, after I have completed it?

    Yes. You can access the training material on the relevant field of training with the same account information.